Lecture 4 - How to Setup your Instagram Page for Growth

How to Setup your Instagram Page for Growth

Instagram Username

Name can be up to 30 characters but shoot for 20 characters or less.

Use namecheckr.com to find available usernames.

For niche and influencer accounts, the name should be related to the niche, but as unique as possible.

For personal or business brands, the name can be the business name or your personal name is fine.

Avoid using '.' in your name for SEO purposes. When searching in Google, they recognize the '.' as a space so it'll be tougher for people to find your account.


Standout and be related to your niche.

Use an image that is 1080x1080.

Places to get logos:

Bio Descriptions

Make your description related to your niche. Make a note of what followers can expect.

For personal or business brand, use a mission / purpose statement.

If you're building multiple Instagram accounts, add your other Instagram handles into the description to share traffic.

Add a unique hashtag in your bio.

Website URL

It's best to wait to until you've grown over 5k followers to share a website.

Register a website with:

  • Namecheap.com
  • GoDaddy.com

You'll need to find a hosting service to have your website hosted.

I recommend Siteground for hosting servcies as they have the best support with chat available 24/7.

Or you can choose a fully hosted service like Squarespace or Shopify.


Use a separate email for each Instagram account that is different than your public business email or personal email.

Use Gmail or your own website hosting service to register a unique email. You can also use https://protonmail.com/ to get another email setup.

Phone numbers

Use a unique phone number for each Instagram account. If you need numbers, use Dingtone to get numbers from any country.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use only if you're NOT going to use software to grow your account.

If you turn this on, Instagram will require you to enter in a code they will send you every time you log in. The code will be sent to either your email address or phone number.

You can also create backup codes which you can use to access your account in case you can't access your phone number or email. You should keep these safe, maybe as a screenshot on your phone or saved in your notes.

Business Profile

I recommend switch your account to a business profile after you've reached about 5-10k.

Go to your profile, click the gear icon, click "Switch to Business Profile"

This is ideal for viewing your audience analytics and also checking for most engaged content so you can post similar posts that get the most views and likes.